StarAttack 1.0

Conquer Space in this strategy game


  • Absorbing gameplay
  • Two player mode


  • Zero graphics


In order to train for the day I take over the Universe, I thought I'd try out StarAttack, a Palm game that sees you use your strategic powers to win over the planets.

The object of the game is to conquer Space by commanding your own fleet and defeating the enemy. In order to do this you won't be using a speedy rocket, laser guns or splatter bombs.

Oh no, you'll be fighting your battles using - numbers. Hmmm.

Once you get over the fact that the game has no graphical elements it's actually pretty engrossing as you think your way around the gameboard, ensuring that you have numerical advantage over the enemy in order to progress.

StarAttack is a space strategy game played against the Palm device or another human. The object is to capture the opponent's homeworld; to do this, you must capture stars and use them to produce fighter ships for your space fleet.



StarAttack 1.0

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